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Personal well-being and workplace health isn’t just a medical issue – it’s an economic one. Forge Magazine will keep you up to date on the news you need to keep abreast of trends in public and occupational health.

Healthy Workplace: Healthy moms, healthy babies for age 35+ pregnancies
By: Kristina Rauenhorst February 1, 2018 If you’re older than 35 and hoping to get pregnant, or have women in
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Amazon, JPMorgan, Berkshire creating new health care company
By: Tom Murphy, Associated Press January 31, 2018 Amazon is diving into health care, teaming up with Warren Buffett’s Berkshire
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Why does health insurance cost so much in southeast Minnesota?
By: William Morris January 13, 2017 OWATONNA — It really is more expensive to buy health insurance in southeast Minnesota
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Healthy Workplace: when to consider treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome
By: John Sauer, M.D. December 1, 2017 Some people might think that carpal tunnel syndrome is a new condition of
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Healthy Workplace: Say goodbye to tendonitis through injury prevention
By: Omotolu Aje August 1, 2017 Work-related musculoskeletal disorders, such as tendonitis, make up a large share of the ergonomic
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Healthy workplace: Top 5 FAQs about occupational medicine
  By: Kodjo Bossou, M.D. August 1, 2017   Work-related injuries are the reason behind more than 1.1 million missed work
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Function Better with Less Pain: When to consider a total joint replacement for arthritis
  By: Scott Perkinson, M.D. May 12, 2017   Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition of the joints where the cartilage
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Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute at Owatonna Hospital offering new treatment option
  Press Release June 30, 2017   Daily suffering from chronic injuries, pain and stiffness can severely impact quality of
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Mayo names new regional vice president for Southeast Minnesota
Sadosty   By: Suzy Rook June 24, 2017   Annie Sadosty has been named regional vice president, Mayo Clinic Health
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Hospital expects remote ICU will allow more patients to stay local
  By: William Morris June 22, 2017   Many patients with complex medical needs who previously have been treated at
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