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A great workforce doesn’t just appear – it must be created. Watch this space for Forge Magazine coverage of vocational education in local schools and colleges.

Local Learning: Equal opportunity efforts alive and well in 2018
By: Barb Embacher February 1, 2018 One of the greatest rewards of working for a community and technical college is
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Local Learning: college credit for what you already know
By: Marsha Danielson December 1, 2017 Jennifer Epper had served as a Franchise Marketing Manager for Buffalo Wild Wings for nine
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Local Learning: Partnerships train the workforce of tomorrow
By: Kelcey Woods-Nord October 1, 2017 The infamous skills gap has been a hot topic among employers for several years now,
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Center for Agriculture: Connecting workers with agribusiness jobs
By: Brad Schloesser August 1, 2017 The southern region of Minnesota is known for its rich abundance of natural resources. 
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Comprehensive Performance Solutions: Removing Barriers to Success
  By: George Chapple June 2, 2017   Businesses face many challenges on a daily basis. One of the largest
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Analysts: Many workers over-educated for their jobs
  By: William Morris April 26, 2017   For generations, high school students have set their sights on college as
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Small Business Week: Kid’s Korner keeps the children engaged
  By: William Morris April 28, 2017   In a field where annual turnover can reach 30 percent, there aren’t
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Workers on Wheels Roll Over to Wilson for Career Day
  By: Ryan Anderson May 26, 2017   As Wilson Elementary continues to emphasize the fact it’s never too early
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Riverland, South Central Receive Funding Hikes Under GOP Higher Ed Budget
  By: Suzy Rook May 23, 2017   The Minnesota State Senate on Sunday passed a $3.28 billion higher education
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Local Learning: Continuing Education and Customized Training
The skills required to succeed in today’s workforce are constantly changing. See what South Central College is doing to help.
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