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By: Jeff McCabe
April 24, 2017


The skills required to succeed in today’s workforce are constantly changing. As the economy continues to improve and technology revolutions come to the forefront, businesses need a ready resource to help them react quickly to these changes in order to thrive. South Central College and other Minnesota state colleges have answered this need by establishing educational programs to meet the changing needs of businesses and professionals. SCC established the Center for Business & Industry to help businesses, non-profits and government organizations improve their performance through customizable professional training and continuing education programs.

As a recent addition to the CBI team and the newly appointed director, I’ve seen firsthand the importance of customized, industry-relevant training in this region. We help organizations pinpoint their specific training needs and provide a solution to that need. Any of our programs can be tailored to address the unique concerns of a business. The expertise of faculty and staff from South Central College, along with products and services available through our professional partnerships, provide us with a wealth of resources from which to create customized solutions that can be delivered on the SCC campuses, on a job site or even online.

We recognize that in order for training plans to succeed, training needs to be easily accessible and convenient. If we as a community want to close the skills gap – the gap that exists between the skills individuals bring to work versus the skill level employers need to perform jobs – it has to be a group effort, and CBI is committed to that effort by providing its clients and the communities in which they reside relevant training opportunities.

As part of this effort, we strive to provide solutions for individuals and companies alike. CBI also offers continuing education for those professions that require annual or semi-annual training. We even have mobile training simulators, including trench and excavation safety and rescue equipment, which can be taken to any work site.

Our consultants are subject-matter experts with access to a vast network of instructors. They specialize in the following areas:

Workplace Safety (OSHA/MSHA)
Robert Weston, CSP, CMSP, CET
Terry Weston, CSP, CMSP
Terry Meschke, ASP

Customized Training
Tanja Stading, MSSC
Emergency Medical Services / Emergency Preparedness
Eric Weller, NREMT, CEM

Fire and Rescue
Bob Eastham, CCM

George Chapple, MSSC, TWI, Lean, Diversity Trainer, Performance Analysis
Glen Von Maluski – Knowledge of PLC, HMI, VFD, RFID, Robotics, General Automation

The CBI offices are based out of both the Faribault and North Mankato SCC campuses, but we provide trainings all across the state and even throughout the country. CBI enrolls over 10,000 individuals annually, and we will continue to adjust our offerings to meet the training needs of the marketplace.

Jeff McCabe is the Director of the Center of Business and Industry at South Central College. Jeff holds a B.S. degree in Business Administration with a minor in Economics from Winona State University. Jeff is also retired from the U.S. Army Reserves, where he served twenty-two years as a Civil Affairs Staff Officer.

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