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Modern Metal Products to be Featured on Fox Business
  By: William Morris May 6, 2017   A local manufacturer will have its two minutes in the spotlight Monday
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Real Estate News: Trends and Taxes
  By: Justin Ohnstad April 20, 2017   The real estate market in southeast Minnesota is strong. That being said,
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Know the Law: Getting your Business in Order
  By: Dave Einhaus April 20, 2017   As the construction industry rebounds in Minnesota, it is important for construction
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Special Report: Lending a Helping Hand, Bankers Ready to do Their Part
  By: Lisa Cownie May 1, 2017   One local bank has spent the last year on a mission centered
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All Signs Point to Korey Borchert
This small business owner is shaking things up in his community.
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Around Steele County: News from our Neighbors
All across the Highway 14 corridor, business communities are tackling the same challenges Steele County is faced with.
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Rebuilding the Construction Industry
With construction starting to boom again, the hardest project of all may be rebuilding the construction industry.
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