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Whether out in the fields or supporting jobs in manufacturing, transportation and beyond, Steele County’s farmers have a big impact. Forge Magazine brings you the latest in agricultural news.

From the GreenSeam: October 2017
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Local food, local money: Farmers markets on the rise
By: Lisa Cownie October 1, 2017 Looking beyond the grocery store? You’re not alone! It’s a movement that is quietly making
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From the GreenSeam: August 2017
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Agricultural Education: Book learning, field smarts
By: Lisa Cownie August 1, 2017 As southern Minnestoa emerges as one of the key players in the agriculture industry, the
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Growing the Economy: Ethanol continues to harvest rewards
By: Lisa Cownie August 1, 2017 Ethanol contributed $1.98 billion to Minnesota’s gross domestic product in 2016, generated $6.67 billion in
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Around Steele County: Putting meat on tables worldwide
By: Lisa Cownie August 1, 2017 To folks around Dodge County, Bruce Schmoll is known as an active community member and
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Finding Future Farmers: A New Generation in Agriculture
By: William Morris April 24, 2017   Modern farming is not a young person’s game. The numbers paint a clear
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Kaspers named Steele County Farm Family of the Year
By: William Morris July 8, 2017 STEELE COUNTY — You can take the Kasper away from the farm, but you
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From the GreenSeam: June 2017
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Corn farmers lobby over taxes, transportation and buffers
  By: William Morris April 12, 2017   The weeklong legislative recess is a rare chance to catch up with
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