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Whether out in the fields or supporting jobs in manufacturing, transportation and beyond, Steele County’s farmers have a big impact. Forge Magazine brings you the latest in agricultural news.

Putting the Cash in Cash Crops
Farm economies rise and fall with corn and soybeans Perhaps no single number is more critical to the Steele County
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Sourcing food, meeting regulations impact school lunch programs
By: James Figy February 1, 2018 A slice of pizza, a mound of fruit, one of those little milk cartons
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2018 agriculture trends aim for accuracy
March Farm and Power Show showcases latest technology By: Anna Vangsness February 1, 2018 The Four Seasons Centre in Owatonna
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From the GreenSeam: February 2018
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Tax law gives unexpected break to farmers who sell to co-ops
By: Steve Karnowski, Associated Press January 27, 2018 MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Key senators and farm groups are trying to fix
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Pro-Pet purchased by ag conglomerate Cargill
By: William Morris January 4, 2018 OWATONNA — Ohio-based Pro-Pet, which makes high-grade pet food in Owatonna, Kansas and Ohio,
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From the GreenSeam: December 2017
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Grow through the snow: area greenhouses produce lettuce, tomatoes year-round
By: James Figy December 1, 2017 When Jay Johnson got started in agriculture as he grew up, there was a
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Objecting all the way, most farmers meet buffer deadline
By Mark Steil, Minnesota Public Radio News November 10, 2017 Along a tributary of the Redwood River in Pipestone County in
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Hormel to buy ‘millennial’ meat firm for $850 million
By: Jeff Kiger, Post-Bulletin November 2, 2017 AUSTIN — Hormel Foods announced a deal today to buy a “millennial-focused” meat
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